XPEL film is the best and most efficient bodywork protection film on the market.
The film self-heals by a source of heat, like the sun or hot water.

XPEL protects your vehicle from scratches, dents or swirls caused by: road debris, rocks, bug droppings and other environmental elements..
Covered by a warranty of 10 years against anti-yellowing and anti-cracking. XPEL is the guarantee of tranquillity for you and your car!

The XPEL paint protection film comes in 2 versions: gloss and matte.
XPEL is nearly invisible protection!

We are a XPEL certified installer since 2017, the first one in Finland!



Look at our standard packages:

Front protection half


Front protection half package includes:

  1. Full front bumper
  2. Partial hood
  3. Partial Fenders
  4. Mirrors


Full front protection


Full front protection package includes:

  1. Full front bumper
  2. Full hood
  3. Full Fenders
  4. Mirrors

Full car protection


Full car protection package includes:

  1. Covers the whole car.




It is also possible to configure your own package, by sending us the parts you want to have covered.